Tours To Brasov And Bran Castle One Day Trip Through Fagaras


Tours To Brasov And Bran Castle One Day Trip

One of the favorite trips of tourists whom are eager to discover the true face of the character Dracula is Bran Castle, now in possession of the royal family. Brasov will be the city that we will stop in to admire the Town Hall Square’s and the biggest fortified church in Romania – the Black Church. Not far from these places, imposing and majestic Peles Castle is waiting you in a magnificent mountain scenery while Fagaras or Rasnov Fortresses will be the most unexpected surprises. Strong energy shall await close to a grotto near the Monastery from Sinca Veche.

Passing through Fagaras

Route: Sibiu – Fagaras Citadel – Bran Castle – Brasov – Sibiu  340 km +

Time: 9- 11 hours

Fagaras Fortress

Fagaras fortress is one of the largest and best preserved medieval citadels in Eastern Europe”. In the past, the castle was the pivot of the regional power. Mentioned in 1455 Fagaras Fortress was built in a strategic place halfway between Sibiu and Brasov and trade markets in the vicinity of Wallahia.

Bran Castle

Built on a rock not far away from Brasov city we find the silhouette of one of the world’s most famous fortification: Bran Castle erroneously sensationalized as „Dracula’s Castle”. It seems that Vlad the Impaler never lived in the castle. However, the legend seems to be stronger than reality … here pouring into films as a direct allusion to the alleged vampire traits of the Wallachian ruler.


Located on one of the oldest trade routes where the exchange of goods took place between Romanian Country, Moldova and Transylvania in the late sixteenth – century Brasov becomes a prosperous city and one of the most important cultural centers in the country.

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