Countryside Life in Sibiu Surroundings


Countryside Life in Sibiu Surroundings

Enjoy a beautiful regression back in time to the authentic life of the Romanian villages. The mountain shepherd abodes, in this fairy tale landscape are spread at the top of the Cindrel hills amid apple orchards and one of the world’s largest museum of glass icons that will enchant from the first moment. The carriage rides and traditional dishes can be selected from a peasant’s household to make this visit a memory not to be forgotten.


Sibiu – Orlat – Sibiel – Saliste – Tilisca – Poiana Sibiului – Jina – Cristian – Sibiu   (100 km +)

Optional : Visit a sheepfold near Jina   (120 km +)

Orlat or Cibiniensis

Called “the village under the citadel”, Orlat is one of the oldest settlements in Sibiu Surroundings that hosted the former regimental frontier to guard the border between Transylvania and the Country of Romania in the XVIII – century.


It is a tourist village with a special charm. Here, we will visit the world’s remarkable collection of icons painted on glass, contributed by all villagers. We will also visit one of the authentic households and we will discover why their orchards have never been chemically sprayed and fertilized.


It is considered the cultural capital of this Region. Here we shall linger for a few moments in the center of the village enough to admire its unique style and understand the customs and traditions of these places.


We will cross through an ancient place where pastoralism is still the foundation of this quiet community. Optional we will be able to visit the ruins of Dacian fortress attested in the XVII century BC.

Poiana Sibiului

A village with grandiose houses that has a very prosperous community. Here we will visit the Wooden Church on the Hill, a place of worship with an impressive modesty. Picturesque scenery of this place turns it into an open air museum.


A hidden village lost in the mountains, famous for its dairy products specific to this Region. Here our guests will taste from the traditional products that have made this town so famous.


A short visit to the evangelical fortified church near Cibin river surrounded by hundreds of storks that have returned from their long journey.

Optional Jina Village

Depending on your availability can be organized an authentic meal in a sheepfold in the surroundings of Jina Village.

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