Regions of Alba Iulia and the amazing Salt Mine of Turda


Regions of Alba Iulia and the amazing Salt Mine of Turda

This trip is especially designed for lovers of history and science, or those who would like to have an interesting and relaxing day in the top ten listed „coolest underground places in the world”. Salt Mine of Turda is the place where entertaining elements are equipped with modern facilities in a grandiose splendor. We will also discover the mystical places, full of stories as the Citadel Alba Iulia where our greatest ancestors the Dacians fought with the biggest worldwide Empire – The Romans, a place strongly connected later on with our great Queen Maria, the granddaughter of the grand Queen Victoria of England.

Trip details:


Sibiu – Alba Iulia – Salina Turda – Sibiu   (310 km +)

Alba Carolina Citadel – Alba Iulia

Being built on the site of Dacian ruins and on the Roman fort Legion XIII – Gemina, Alba Carolina Citadel is one of the most important Vauban fortifications in Europe with a shape of a star with seven corners. Being the symbol of the United Romania, the Citadel browse significant pages of history for the Romanian reunifications.

Salina Turda

An ensemble of salt mines with lakes, landscaped in a very aesthetically pleasing way, Salina Turda becomes a contempory home for recovery with treatments, relaxation, play or walks. A giant wheel and a panoramic elevator that descends 13 floors will surely instill an incandescent memory fit for dreams.

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