Sibiu City Tour and The Traditional Folk Open Air Museum


Sibiu City Tour

Everything you need to know about the city that I call “home”.

A complete city tour through the heart and soul of Sibiu streets. This tour is designed to induce travelers to love the history, food and sights as the locals do. Nicoleta will excite you with her story telling prowess and take you to the hidden areas and some of the best views. Allow her creativity flow – She likes to surprise you!!!

Optional A nice walk in Dumbrava Forest at the Traditional Folk Open Air Museum

Discover the magic of the Romanian villages by delving into a museum of the traditional folk civilization in Dumbrava Forest close to Sibiu. Traditional homesteads, workshops, mills, wooden churches are dotted around this beautiful lake. The 96 hectares of the museum is crossed with 10 kilometers of trails with over 300 buildings and 16000 objects – making it one of the largest outdoor museum’s in Eastern Europe, possessing a collection that was carefully chosen and brought from all the areas of the country .

The visit to the Astra Outdoor Museum by walking lasts at least 2, 3 hours.

Subjects and program

More details:

A short historical and geographical introduction into Romania, Transylvania and Sibiu from its beginning in paleolithic times to daco-romans until the present days.

All subjects will be explained in chronological order while visiting the sites.

Small Square (1)

  • Luxembourg House
  • Butcher’s Hall – the Art Galleries
  • Pharmacy Museum
  • Goldsmiths Tower
  • Town Hall Tower
  • Fresco Room
  • Liars Bridge

Optional – Descending into the lower part of the historical center.

Huet Square

  • Protestant Parish Church of the Evangelical Lutheran
  • Joynermen House
  • Stairs Passage
  • House of Golden Barrel
  • Brukenthal Gymnasium
  • The Evangelical Church

Small Square (2)

  • Hermes House (Ethnographic Museum/Franz Binder)
  • Town Hall
  • Catholic Parsonage and Nepomuk Statue

Big Square

  • Ruthless executions, military parades, craft center
  • Catholic Church
  • Brukenthal Museum, Blue House
  • Generals House
  • Haller House, Hecht House
  • Lutch House, Reissner – Czelius House
  • Infamy pillar and grain cellars

Nicolae Balcescu Street – *Corso*

Mitropoliei Street

  • History Museum
  • Reformed Church
  • House with Caryatids
  • Orthodox Cathedral
  • The first metropolitan of Transylvania, Andrei Saguna

Astra Park and Unirii Square

Astra Park with prominent representatives of forty-eighters generation

Cetatii Street

  • Gunsmiths, Potters and Carpenters Towers
  • Fat Tower, Thalia Hall
  • Haller Bastion
  • Natural History Museum
  • Carrion Gate
  • Other gates, towers, walls and bastions
  • Alley of fame – Youth Park

Other possible subjects

  • The real story of Dracula
  • Curiosities and superlatives about Sibiu and Romania
  • Remarkable personalities from Sibiu and Romania
  • Nicolae Ceausescu, Romanian Communist President
  • Klaus Johannis, Romanian President

Photo Album