Transfagarasan Road and The Realm of the Ice Castle


Transfagarasan Road and The Realm of the Ice Castle

Drift in one of the most exciting adventures with the spectacular Transfagarasan road featured in the world famous automotive TV show “Top Gear”, where a stunning waterfall of majesty surrounds you through a landscape in which the brown bear hovers – makes this wonderful place a unique moment in everyone’s life. Balea Lake is the destination where the land of ice castles, black goats, Carpathian mountain peaks, impressive tunnels and the authentic taste of lake trout will always remind you of this amazing experience.

Trip details:


Sibiu – The Mud Castle –  Balea Waterfall – Balea Lake – Carta Fortress – Brukenthal Palace Avrig – Sibiu   (185 km +)

Optional : Avrig Valley   (200 km +)

The Mud Castle

A land rooted from fairy tales and a castle with an unusual shape, which seems to have been built by Hobbit’s is made only from natural materials. Its unique beauty made this place one of the most popular tourist destinations in the past year.

Transfagarasan Road

The most spectacular road in Europe with its 90 km that reaches an altitude of over 2000 m in the alpine leap of majestic Carpathian Mountains it is the host of the most adventurous rally competitions.

Balea Waterfall

We will stop to admire a 60 meter charming waterfall in a fairytale landscape that can be admired from the cottage that bears his name.

Balea Lake

It is a gorgeous lake at an altitude of 2000 m, a place where its legend with Balea, the brave sheperd is still alive and a wonderful winter stopover for the most adventurous tourists who would like to test the experience of the Ice Castle.

Balea Lake Tunnel

One kilometer tunnel that connects the two counties Sibiu and Arges. This tunnel brings us to the other side of the Mountain in front of the Arges Rescue from where you can admire the second half of Transfagarasan road that stretches to the giant Lake Vidraru.

Carta Fortress

It is a land with over 800 years full of history where we will find out its interesting story and we will understand why its river has never been frozen.

Avrig (Brukenthal Palace)

A short visit at the sunset on the shore of the Olt river, where Brukenthal balls rang when Queen of the Night start flouring, a place where we can taste the unique flavour of the elderflowers juice from this garden.

Optional Horse riding

Depending on the available time for this trip can be added the option to spend more time in a wonderful equestrian center of Avrig Valley.

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