How everything started

Since childhood, in the early years of school I was passionate about geography, travel and people. Organized trips in different areas by our class master provided so much inspiration and enjoyment that it made me wish to do the same thing when I grow up.

Then came years dedicated to economics. I looked to expand this experience to different parts of the world. Travelling and living in countries like Tanzania, India, Kuwait, London, Spain, etc I came to understand that it was not only the cold economic rationale – but the tourism that provide the real gratification I was looking for.

The multicultural colors, active life, great places and agreeable attitude of the people were just a few examples that I wanted to be bestow upon my return at home in Romania.

Longing for the loved ones, native places, the smell of nature, traditional taste, the joy of holidays and traditions urged to return home. Enabling me to capitalize on these beauties while bringing a new vision of the Western countries to share either with those from Romania or those willing to visit us.

These beliefs were also encouraged by the foreign revered reputation of my motherland that I subsequently have encountered.

“Oh, Nicole, Transylvania, so great! I always wish to go there”

Transylvania …is a mystical and undiscovered place by the most travelers, yet it would satisfy most people eager for adventure, history and mysteries. To myself it’s a native place that not only I promote with passion for those from afar, but to those I live and experience it with. This journey into the past is my epiphany – the culmination of the long awaited dream of childhood .. Being a Guide – was and is the answer to all my wonders, questions and beliefs … “Trips to Transylvania” – it is a project that will help me share with you the story as I dreamed!



I dedicate all this work to those who were my travel mentors: my father and my class master Bunaciu Liviu.