Mountain Trips Hiking In Cindrel And Lotru Mountains

Mountain Trips Hiking In Cindrel And Lotru Mountains

With a little effort, not far away from Sibiu you will discover the beauty of the Romanian mountain villages of Sibiu. A seamless landscape of the welcoming Cindrel Mountains ready to host us in its beautiful adventure – from the highest ski resort in the country to the annual event hundreds of spectators await – the famous European rally contest –  Sibiu Rally Challenge.



We recommend you:

  1. An unforgettable adventure in a wonderland of wild fir forests !

Cindrel Mountains – with an altitude of 2244 meters represented by Cindrel Peak, this group includes pine forests, glacial lakes and generally lower heights.

Saua Batrana is a culmination of Cindrel Mountains being situated at an altitude of over 2,100 m in a unique landscape that offers an overall view of Cindrel, and of both in Fagaras and Lotru Mountains


Paltinis – Poiana Gaujoara – Saua Batrana (2 h – 3 h) – back to Paltinis (+2 h)

  1. The amazing land pf shepherds huts !

Join us to the world of shepherds huts, where everything happens smoothly, outdoors and with movement in nature! You can spent even few days here in the comfort of a bed with a hay mattress, sheep’s wool pillows.

Romantic and quiet, no electricity, spring water with endless view.

The mountain area of the Cindrel Mountains between 900 and 1400 meters is the place of pasture and hay for the people from Rau Sadului village. This perimeter shelters, through huts the shepherds with theeir flocks of sheep. They spend in and around the huts the period between Easter and June, as well as from September to February. In midsummer when the herds are in the stables of Lotru Mountains, the meadows around the hay huts are mowed. Usually by hand, due to the very steep slope, the hay produced is of the highest nutritional quality in this cycle.


The trip starts from Rau Sadului village and can take between 6 – 8 hours of hiking with an option to sleep over in a hut