Hiking In Fagaras Mountains Soft Hiking From 1 – 2 Days

Mountain Trips Hiking In Fagaras Mountains

Depending on the difficulty rank and your preferences, hiking can be customized from 2 hours to 6 days. Now we present you a set of tours depending on the altitude of the area from where we will start these trips and the time you want to dedicate for this unforgetable experience in the legendary Carpathian mountains

Travel with us to the highest mountains in Romania – the spectacular Alps of Transylvania with hundreds of fountains, waterfalls, glacial lakes and endless landscapes. With a particularly rich flora and fauna, here we can easily meet the diverse animals: from  wildcats, deers or deer wolfs, bears, foxes, squirrels but also chamois. Fagaras Mountains are also known for its biggest population of brown bears in Europe. I’ve watch them few times, good luck with this J

Soft Hiking From 1 – 2 Days (700 M – 2535 M)

These trips starts from an altitude of 700 m in forests of beech, oak and conifers that cover a route on shores of waterfalls and fast flowing mountain rivers. It will take us right up to the alpine realm of dwarf trees, blueberry bushes and mountain peonies – ultimatley climbing to the highest peaks of the Carpathians.

Depending on your preferences in each of these excursions optional we can stay overnight in the chosen challets and depending on the level of difficulty you can choose the length of the route.



We recommend you:

  1. An excursion into the realm of bears and crystalline waterfalls !

Cabana Suru and Peak

Suru Chalet contains about 25 seats and is situated at the altitude of over 1450 m.

Suru Peak has a trapezoidal shape, located in the western part of Fagaras mountains with a height of 2281 m.

Route : Sebesu de Sus – Chiisoara Waterfall – Suru Chalet – (+ 3 h) – Suru Peak (+ 3 h) back to  Sebesu de Sus (+ 5 h)

  1. The dream trip to the highest glacial lakes!

Barcaciu Chalet – Scara Peak / Avrig Lake

Barcaciu cottage with about 50 seats is at an altitude of 1550 m

Scara Peak it is a mountain easily accessible at an altitude of over 2422 m.

Avrig Lake is a glacial lake in Fagaras Mountains which is at an altitude of 2011 m. The surface of the lake is 1.47 ha and its maximum depth is 4.5 m.

Route :Poiana Neamtului – Barcaciu Chalet  (+ 3 h) – Scara Peak (+ 3 h) / Avrig Lake (+ 5 h) – back to Poiana Neamtului (+ 6 h)

  1. Two days trip to the second highest peak of Romania!

Negoiu Chalet- Negoiu Peak / Serbota Peak

Negoiu Chalet is placed in the upper side of the coniferous forest on Piscul Serbota crest at an altitude of 1550 m with a capacity of over 140 seats.

Negoiu Peak with its steep valleys is the second peak in the country reaching an altitude of 2535 meters, is known as the atmospheric instability pole of Romania

Peak Serbota it is easily accessible from Negoiu Chalet at 2331m high  being located between Suru and  Negoiu Peaks

Route : Porumbacu de Sus village – Marble Quarry – Negoiu Chalet (+3 h + 6 h) – Serbota Peak (+ 3 h) / Negoiu Peak  (+ 4 h ) – back to Porumbacu de Sus (+ 6 h)