Hiking From Transfagarasan Road To The Highest Peaks Hiking From 2 Hours To 3 Days

Mountain Trips Hiking From Transfagarasan Road To The Highest Peaks Of Romania

Depending on the difficulty rank and your preferences, hiking can be customized from 2 hours to 6 days.

Now we present you a set of tours depending on the altitude of the area from where we will start these trips and the time you want to dedicate for this unforgetable experience in the legendary Carpathian mountains

Hiking From 2 Hours To 3 Days From Transfagarasan Road To The Highest Peaks Of Romania (2042 M – 2544 M)

Sweep away to one of the most exciting adventures in the spectacular Transfăgărăşan road, home of one of the most famous sports programs “Top Gear Show” where a stunning waterfall surrounds you in its magnificence . A landscape where brown bears are known to dwell. This wonderful place can make a unique moment in everyone’s life.

Balea lake at an altitude of 2040 m is the realm where ice castle, chamois, Carpathian peaks with its impressive tunnel and the authentic taste of lake trout will welcome you in its  beautiful adventure.



We recommend you:

  1. Soft hikings to the most beautiful glacial lakes (2h – 8h)

Discover the beauty of the glacial lakes Capra or Caltun at an altitude of 2,300 m in a fairytale landscape with multicolored wildflowers and crystal streams, the land of chamois and mountain peonies.


We will start hiking from Balea Lake choosing the route depending on your availability and the rate of dificulty the fallowing:

Capra Lake  –  2230 m –  2 h

Capra Peak –  2494 m – 3 h

The Dragon’s window – 2175 m  6 h

Saua Caprei  Peak –  2315 m   4 h

Caltun Lake  – 2135 m  8 h

  1. Hiking to the second highest peak in Romania – 2 days

Dare to discover the steep valleys of Fagaras Mountains, the second highest peak in the country – 2535 meters, a trip that takes you through a beautiful glacial lake (Caltun) and overnight at a beautiful cottage.

Negoiu Chalet is placed in the upper side of coniferous forest on the crest of Serbota Peak at an altitude of 1550 m with a capacity of over 140 seats

Negoiu Peak is a mountain peak with steep valleys located in the Fagaras Mountains in Sibiu Region and is the the second highest peak with an altitude of 2,535 meters high.


1 day : Balea Lac – Caltun Lake (+ 3 h) – Negoiu Peak (+ 4 h) –The Lady’s Valley – Negoiu Chalet (sleep overnight) (+ 3 h).

2 day: Negoiu Chalet –The Sheperd’s Valley – Caltun Lake (+ 5 h) – Laitei Peak – Balea Lake (+ 3 h)

  1. Hiking to the highest trip of Romania – 3 days

Located in the center of Fagaras Mountains, Balea – Podragu – Moldoveanu Peak area is one of the most visited mountain groups of roaming tourists. The ridge is the principle and hardest mountain route. Situated in a unique landscape at an altitude of over 2,100 m of glacial lakes and meadows, expect Podragu Chalet to be your most welcoming host.

Moldoveanu Peak

With an altitude of 2544 meters it is the highest peak of the Carpathians in Romania. The closest neighbor called Vistea Mare Peak with a rate of 2527 m is just few minutes away – they both can be seen easily from the whole Fagaras ridge or from the air.


1 day –  Balea Lake – Capra Lake – The Dragon’s Window – Podragel Lake – Podragu Chalet (overnight) (6- 7 h)

2 day – Podragu Chalet – Vistea Mare Peak – Moldoveanu Peak – Podragu Chalet (overnight) (8-9 h)

3 day – Podragu Chalet – Șaua Podragului –  Podul Giurgiului Lake – Three stepsto death  – Capra Lake – Balea Lake (6 -7 h)