Sibiu Walking City Tour

Sibiu Walking City Tour

Everything you need to know about the city, I call home.

A complete city tour through the heart and soul of Sibiu streets. This tour is designed to induce travelers to love the history, food and sights as the locals do. Nicoleta will excite you with her story telling prowess and take you to the hidden areas and some of the best views. Allow her creativity flow – She likes to surprise you!!!

Note: The historical tour of the city center will be customized considering your own preference, availability and budget and it will be adapted according to the age and the number of the participants.

Time: 2 hours


Subjects and program

More details:

A very short hystorical and geographical introduction into Romania, Transylvania and Sibiu from its beginning in paleolitic times to daco-romans until the present days.

All subjects will be explained in chronological order while visiting the sites.

Small Square (1)

  • Luxembourg House – The Residence of the Culture Capital of Europe Sibiu – Luxembourg in 2007
  • Liars Bridge – the first iron cast bridge in SE of Europe and its interesting legends
  • Butchers’ Hall The National Art Galleries today
  • Fresco Room – the oldest frescoes in Sibiu
  • Goldsmiths’ Tower the most important craftsman in Sibiu
  • Pharmacy Museum with the collection of Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy in the world
  • Tanners’ Passage – used in case of the attacks
  • The Old Council the former town hall of the city
  • The Council Tower – the main entrance in the old city, the grain warehouse and the prison

Optional – Descending into the lower part of the historical center.

  • Dragons Market main local market of the Saxons craftsman
  • Astronomer’s House – the oldest paintings of the astronaut
  • The Nursing Home – The first hospital in Romania
  • Golden Barrel – the first restaurant in Romania
  • The First Factory of Beer in Romania
  • Labors’ Prison – the city jail for civic duty
  • Cibin Market – the traditional local market with authentic products of the peasantry
  • The Wine Fair – important cattle fair in the 16th century
  • Stairs Passage – known “the Wall with needles” that separates the Lower Town from the Upper Town with an impressive fortified wall.
  • The Third and the Forth Raw of Fortification of the city from the 14th and 15th centuries.
  • The Oldest Streets, Gates and Towers of the city

Huet Square

  • Protestant Parish Church of the Evangelical Lutherans
  • Joynermen House the most important school of crafts in Europe
  • Café Wien – the Evangelical Consistory district
  • Brukenthal Gymnasium the first school in Romania
  • Evangelical Cathedral – with the biggest organ in South East of Europe
  • The Rest Cornel – used for punishing the rowdies, drunk people and others
  • The Oldest Chapel in Sibiu – closed to the first library in Romania
  • The Priests’ Tower – which existed a long time ago in the city

Small Square (2)

  • Hermes House unique Ethnographic Museum in Romania with non – European collection.
  • Shoemakers’ Passage
  • Locksmiths’ Passage
  • Catholic Parsonage and Nepomuk Statue
  • Town Hall – the first Pharmacy in Romania and the former Land Bank in the city

Big Square

  • Ruthless executions, military parades, craft center, important European fests, balls and carnavals – very spicy stories
  • Infamy Pillar and Grain Cellars
  • The Old Fountain of the city
  • Statue of Gheorghe Lazar – the initiator of the modern Romanian literature
  • The Jesuit Seminary first highschool in the city
  • Catholic Church special built for the Habsburg Empire
  • Brukenthal Museum  the first museum in Europe and the first baroc building
  • Statue of Samuel von Brukenthal – the only Saxon guvernator of Transylvania within the Habsburg domination
  • Generals House where lived the Habsburg generals and the Saxon magistracy
  • Haller House, Hecht House former houses of the important the mayors of the city
  • Lutch House where were received the kings of Europe in the 14 th century

Nicolae Balcescu Street *Corso*

  • Roman King Hotel the first hotel in Romania
  • Headquarters of Astra Association – the saving generation of the Romanian Literature, Culture and Religion
  • The first Romanian Typography
  • The Diet of Transylvania
  • The third Lighted City in the Austro – Hungarian Empire
  • The second Omnibus in the world
  • Old Gate Tower – The main entrance in the city in the 14th century

Mitropoliei Street

  • History Museum the former Town Hall of the city
  • Reformed Church the Calvinist Community in Sibiu
  • The Fests’ Passage – used for the best Balls and carnavals of the city
  • House with Caryatids impressive baroc architecture in Transylvania
  • Memorial House of Zaharia Boiu – with a rich past into Romanian literature
  • Banca Albina – the first Romanian Bank in Transylvania
  • Theological Seminary – the first Theology University
  • Orthodox Cathedral The Mitropolis of Transylvania
  • Andrei Saguna The most important figure for Romanians in Transylvania

ASTRA Park and Unirii Square

Astra Park with prominent representatives of forty-eighters generation, the Romanian fighters for their rights and the modern period in the city.

Cetatii Street

  • Gunsmiths, Potters and Carpenters Towers the most beautiful street
  • Fat Tower, Thalia Hall  the first Theatre in Romania
  • The Death Gate – that lead to the former Evangelic Cemetery of the city
  • The Pond of the Witches – the spicy of the day!
  • Haller Bastion the older maternity in the city
  • Natural History Museum the richest and the oldest collection in Romania
  • Youth Park – the walk of fame
  • Other Gates, Towers, Walls & Bastions from the third and the fifth Raw of Fortification
  • The house where the President of Romania spent his childhood

Arhivelor Street

  • House of Martin Hochmeister important mayor and typographer
  • Statue of Friedrich Schiller – German dramatist writer and physicist
  • The National Archives – with the oldest Saxon documents from Transylvania

Other possible subjects

  • The real story of Dracula
  • Curiosities and superlatives about Sibiu and Romania
  • Remarkable personalities from Sibiu and Romania
  • Nicolae Ceausescu, Romanian Communist President
  • Klaus Johannis, Romanian President