One Day Trip To Sighisoara And Fortified Churces

One Day Trip To Sighisoara City And Transylvanian Fortresses

We start our journey together to the land of citadels and fortified churches of Transylvania, whose pages are well kept in UNESCO heritage. Mosna and Biertan fortified churches will be those that will delight you with their medieval atmosphere and authenticity of wonderful landscapes. Then cities like Medias and Sighisoara will remind us of the famous Vlad The Impaler.


Route: Sibiu – Medias – Mosna – Biertan – Sighisoara – Sibiu  220 km +

Optional: Brateiu  220 km +

Time: 8 – 9 hours


Medias – Saint Margaret Evangelical Church

Built in 1488, Saint Margaret evangelical church is a true masterpiece of the Gothic style with impressive defense towers. One of these defense towers – the Trumpet Tower, is in the top ten tilted towers and famous worldwide.
One of the secrets of the tower is that Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned here.

Fortified Church in Mosna

An impressive fortress built in the 15th century which is about to enter in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The beauty of the place is very appreciated by Prince Charles.

The Fortified Church Biertan

Biertan fortified church is one of the largest and most famous fortified churches in Transylvania – therefore protected by UNESCO. Its sacristy door with a locking system that blocks all around the 19 points was awarded at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1910. Here for 300 years Biertan had seen only a single divorce – quite a record for such a passage of time.

Sighisoara Citadel

The city presents itself as one of the most beautiful and best preserved medieval towns in Europe being designated as Unesco World Heritage Site, whose legend reminds us that here born and grew – Vlad Tepes. This perfectly intact 16th century gem with nine towers, cobbled streets, burgher houses and ornate churches rivals the historic streets of Old Prague or Vienna for atmospheric magic.

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Brateiu Village

The best example of what a traditional gypsy spirit means. We will be hosted in the heart of the Gypsy Community, where we can see their workshops, houses, traditions, clothes and experience a bit from their life.