One Day Trip To Bran Castle Through Transfagarasan Road

One Day Trip To Bran Castle Passing through Transfagarasan Road

One of the most wanted trip by tourists whom are eager to discover the true face of the character Dracula is Bran Castle, now in possession of the former Romanian royal family. The tour begins with an interesting adventure through the most spectacular Transfagarasan road featured in the world famous automotive program „Top Gear”, where a stunning waterfall of majesty surrounds you through a landscape in which the brown bear hovers – making this wonderful place a unique moment in everyone’s life. Beautiful landscapes shall await close to a grotto near the Monastery from Sinca Veche.


Route: Sibiu – Balea Lake – Bran Castle – Sinca Veche Grotto – Sibiu  370 km +

Time: 10 – 11 hours


Transfagarasan Road

The most spectacular road in Europe with its 90 km that reaches an altitude of over 2000 m in the alpine leap of majestic Carpathian Mountains it is the host of the most adventurous rally competitions.

Balea Lake

It is a gorgeous lake at an altitude of 2000 m, a place where its legend with Balea, the brave shepherd is still alive and a wonderful winter stopover for the most adventurous tourists who would like to test the experience of the Ice Castle.

Bran Castle

Built on a rock not far away from Brasov city we find the silhouette of one of the world’s most famous fortification: Bran Castle erroneously sensationalized as „Dracula’s Castle”. It seems that Vlad the Impaler never lived in the castle. However, the legend seems to be stronger than reality … here pouring into films as a direct allusion to the alleged vampire traits of the Wallachian ruler.

The monastery and the Grotto of Sinca Veche temple wishes

Seers who visited the site confirm what researchers say, namely that the Temple of Sinca Veche is the creation of an ancient and advanced civilizations on Earth, being built now 6000 – 7000 years.

This attraction is due to a controversial shrine known as the „Temple of Wishes.” Over time this happened unusual phenomena, miraculous events, evidencing a unique energy load.

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