On Dracula’s Tracks In 3 Days

On Dracula’s Tracks In 3 Days

Travel with us on the trails of one of the most controversial figures in the history of the Middle Ages – Vlad Dracul, the great ruler of Wallachia in the XV century .

His life and infamous story – most importantly the previously non-disclosed hidden secrets awaiting you in our great adventure. Start your trip now by selecting the spots you find interesting or are representative to your curiosity and we will customize a unique life experience in one, two or three days. On our way we can add other objectives that we believe are unique and special.

Why Sibiu is the best choice ? because it is the beating heart of Romania, the material, spiritual and cultural hub, a road that Dracula used so often in his travels through the country. A city that cannot be left off the table when considering a Romanian tour – Elected in 2007  the European capital of Culture and by 2019 to be the Gastronomical Region of Europe. A city not only deigned by the presence of Dracula himself  but auspiciously marked by history and further galvanised in the modern day – to be loved and celebrated as we do.


We recommend you few routes:

Route from Bucharest :

1 day : Bucharest – Targoviste – Poenari Citadel – Sibiu   360 km +

2 day : Sibiu – Corvin Castle  – Medias – Sighisoara   360 km +

3 day : Sighisoara – Bran Castle – Snagov Monastery – Bucharest   340 km +

Time : 10 – 11 hours/day

Route from Sibiu:

1 day: Sibiu – Corvin Castle – Medias – Sighisoara   360 km+

2 day: Sighisoara – Bran Castle – Snagov Monastery – Bucharest    340km +

3 day: Bucharest – Targoviste – Poenari Fortress – Sibiu    360 km +

Time : 10- 11 hours/day

  1. His first years of childhood!

Sighisoara  Citadel

The city presents itself as one of the most beautiful and best preserved medieval towns in Europe being designated as Unesco World Heritage Site, whose legend reminds us that here was born and grew Vlad Tepes. This perfectly intact 16th century gem with nine towers, cobbled streets, burgher houses and ornate churches rivals the historic streets of Old Prague or Vienna for atmospheric magic.

  1. The place where he learned how to fight!

Corvin Castle

Corvin Castle is a medieval fortress with an impressive Gothic architecture and a special appearance – considered to be one of the scariest in the world.
The castle walls include almost six hundred years of unbroken history. It seems that Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned for a period in the castle when he was betraded by Matei during his reign being in the same time the place where he learned how to fight in his teenage years.

  1. He ruled here!

The Royal court of Targoviste

Certified in 1418 as the capital of Wallahia (important Romanian Region), Targoviste became one of the most important economic and cultural centers being situated  at the crossroads of important trade routes. Here in 1456 ascended  the throne Vlad The Impaler, remaining in the European history for his major victories against the man who conquered Constantinople, the great sultan Mehmet II.

  1. The real castle of Dracula !

Poenari Fortress

Built on the ruins of an “nest of eagle” by the boyars that were punished by Vlad, Poenari fortress hardly can be conquered by tourists who wants to visit it through its 1,480 steps. But once the peak achieved, you will experience an incredible view through the its wilderness and splendor.

  1. Bloody actions!

Bran Castle

Built on a rock not far away from Brasov city we find the silhouette of one of the world’s most famous fortification: Bran Castle erroneously sensationalized as „Dracula’s Castle”.The legend seems to be stronger than reality … here pouring into films as a direct allusion to the alleged vampire traits of the Wallachian ruler.

  1. He was catched and imprisoned here!!

The Trompeter’s Tower – Medias

Medias is the second most important city of Sibiu Region in the center of which we will admire its medieval atmosphere and the tilted tower, where Vlad Tepes was caught and imprisoned by the Hungarian royal Matthias.

  1. He was buried Here!

Snagov Monastery

The monastery was built on a beautiful island of a lake. After its completion in fifteenth century, Vlad was building around a defensive wall, a prison for traitors and thieves, a bridge and a tunnel under water. The monks of the monastery brought his body secretly here and buried him, fearing the new ruler installed by the Turks. This is what the legend says.