Tours To Corvin Castle And Hunedoara Region

One Day Trip To Hunedoara Region – Corvin Castle, Deva Citadel & Gipsy Land

A journey into the past within the world of Dacian Fortresses where hundreds of years ago one of the most important strongholds in Transylvania was built – Deva Fortress. Not long after we will head towards the scariest Transylvanian Gothic building – the Castle Corvin, where ruthless executions and legends will remind us of the valiant Vlad the Impaler. Not far away from this we will visit an authentic gypsy district with huge palaces.

Then a tasty traditional meal in the city of Hunedoara. Nearby the Bison reservation housing the largest European land mammal, all placed in the heart of a beautiful forest landscape.


Route: Sibiu – Deva Citadel – Corvin Castle – “Pipera” gipsy district – Sibiu 270 km +

Optional: Bison Reserve Hațeg – Silvut Forest  315 km +

Time: 8- 10 hours


Deva Citadel

Deva Citadel is considered one of the most important Dacian fortresses in Transylvania. It was given as a gift, sold and bombed. Each of them left something behind: a defensive wall, a room, a ballroom. It was not only used for defense and occasional meetings but also to serve as a private dwelling or luxury houses. Discoveries suggest that the traces of occupation could date back to the Neolithic or Bronze Age.

Corvin Castle

Corvin Castle is a medieval fortress with an impressive Gothic architecture and a special appearance – considered to be one of the scariest in the world.
The castle walls include almost six hundred years of unbroken history. It seems that Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned for a period in the castle’s prison being in the same time the place where he learned how to fight in his in teenage years.

Gypsy neighborhood in Hunedoara

In “Pipera” district Hunedoara we can see silk gypses palaces in an area that amazes through social contrasts of huge buildings, guilded gates, luxury cars and marble fences neighbouring clay or brick huts with streets still home to the horse and carriage. Interesting stories about their origins and culture will be disclosed

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Bison Reserve Hațeg – Silvut Forest

The reserve from Slivut forest is among the few places in Europe where bison lives (bison bonasus), currently there are about 3000 of them worldwide. Bison are the largest land-based European animal. The male can reach 920 kilograms and currently
the reserve covers an area of 50 hectares with forests of hornbeam, oak and fir trees.